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Product Name
Viking Spearhead
Art No

Multi Color Spearhead

Overall Length: 41 cm

Blade Length: 17 cm

Shaft Length: 13 cm

Center Part Length: 10 cm

Inner Diameter of Shaft Length: 30 mm

Thickness of Shaft: 3 mm

Material: High Carbon Steel

Produced by Forging Process

Perfect Hardness and Tempered - Usable for Hunting purpose

NOTE: Any sort of color is available so it depends on customer's choice

Puma Spearhead
Art No NF-35002
Steel-Ball Spearhead
Art No NF-35001
Longer Viking Spearhead
Art No NF-35005
Viking Spearhead
Art No NF-35006
Viking Spearhead
Art No NF-35003